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Website Design Ireland – I’m an experienced web designer working in Ireland. I offer a range of creative and web development services and will deliver your project within budget .

My websites are affordable and won’t be beaten on price or quality. Most of my competitors charge more and deliver less. My websites are responsive, easy to edit and all website owners can edit their own SEO .

As well as designing wordpress websites I’m also experienced with Joomla and custom designed HTML/CSS websites.

WordPress Ireland

The majority of my websites I build are with wordpress. My wordpress websites use the latest state of the art editors and are easy to manage and edit. You can easily edit text, images and add videos, blogs and pages. I have added easy to follow video tutorials in the client area.

The dashboard utilises a built in SEO interface which will let you easily edit the SEO content as you add content. This is an amazing feature for anyone that likes to do their own SEO(which I highly advise)and ensures you are using the best SEO practices as you work.

Standard HTML / CSS Websites

If your not looking to make a lot of changes to your website then a standard HTML website might be a good option for you. HTML websites are lighting fast with page speeds so fast wordpress nor any other platform can rival them. 

Platforms such as wordpress, joomla & shopify are all database driven websites which puts an extra load on your server thus increasing page loading times. Plus to make them user friendly they require a huge amount of resources. Pure HTML is designed to be displayed directly in your web browser and does not require a database, resulting in a superfast load time and an amazing user experience for your visitors. There is also no need for maintenance, backups, plugin updates or system updates. Also as there is no database there is no security vulnerability’s to exploit and they never crash and go offline. 

The downside is Standard websites lack the functionality lots of users require. The main downside is edits and additional work can only be carried out by your web designer and not by the user. Also the extra work needed can be expensive as there is no option to simply add a wordpress plugin so the work will need to be manually coded in most cases. 

Standard HTML websites are not something a lot of our competitors can offer as a lot are 100% dependent on editing wordpress themes. However if your looking for a simple brochure website to showcase your business then wordpress can be overkill and a HTML website is definitely something worth considering. The amazing user experience, clean code and hassle free upkeep is not something to be ignored.  

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