Optimising Your Website for Google

With the advancements in wordpress editors its now easier than ever to edit and work on your own SEO content in your websites backend. The editors tools will display tips on how you can improve your onpage SEO score as you work

Full training will be provided on how to use the editor. I will also provide tips and resources on how to improve your websites offpage SEO scores including Keyword research and backlinking.

If you have any questions please feel free to get in touch with me. Further details are provided below

Search Engine Optimisation

The work required in order to rank a website varies from site to site. I’ve websites that rank number one on googles top pages with little other work other than good solid onpage SEO, and I’ve other sites that require a whole lot of money and effort.

Some factors that come into play will be how competitive your niche is, your location and age of your domain. 

The area you are attempting to rank for will be a major factor in regards to ranking difficulty. A plumber in Dublin will have a much harder time ranking on the top pages compared to a plumber in Wexford

The competition is fierce for the top placements especially in competitive fields. In a competitive niche its possible you will have to contend with companies who are spending thousands each month on marketing & SEO

It can take time for google to build up a profile of your website. It needs to understand your websites content and user data. Google wants to rank trusted and reliable websites, it doesn’t have the required information to rank brand new websites. Therefore it can be quite difficult to rank brand new domains for the first few months

Google Website Optimisation

For the above reasons its critical your website is setup correctly for google and other search engines. I follow all good SEO practices when it comes to web design. I’m experienced in optimising wordpress, Joomla and HTML websites. I use the correct URL structures, header tags, image tags and more. All the work can be verified in your wordpress dashboard. The built in SEO editor will also ensure you don’t undo the work when your ready to take control and edit your own website

SEO Training Provided

The majority of my clients take a very hands on approach with their own SEO and marketing work. There is such a wealth of information readily available online that’s it entirely possible to carry out a large portion of the work yourself.  I will show you some of the following in the websites client area: 

Just to be clear I do not provide a full SEO course. I simply help you navigate the websites SEO and give you a good idea of what’s involved in ranking your website higher on search engines. I will also provide links to resources and courses if you wish to get even more hands on. 

The amount of SEO work you do will be entirely up to you. Some people will take a hands on approach while others will focus on social media and word of mouth. There is always the option of outsourcing if you feel its necessary.  

However it is a good option to get somewhat hands on with SEO yourself. Its not uncommon for people to invest hundreds or thousands each month with SEO companies and 6 months later find themselves making no impact on the search engines.  

After picking up some general SEO knowledge you might find you only need to outsource part of the SEO work. Having a better understanding of SEO will also help you pick the right SEO company if you do decide to hire someone. Remember SEO companies are expensive. And before they even talk to you they’ll want to know your budget. If its 500 a month they’ll take it, if its 5000 a month they gladly take that too. Most SEO companies don’t quote you for the work they provide they quote you based on how much money they think you’ll pay.  

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